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About the Foundation

After my failed suicide attempt, my family and I were determined to make sure that others didn’t get as low as I did as a result of bullying. I am proof that there are more options than ending it all. This is how the Free 2 Be Me  Foundation began.


We know that bullying happens everywhere, both online and in-person.  All too often, we hear about bullying-related suicide in the news. The Free 2 Be Me Foundation seeks to give those who are being bullied a chance to come together with a supportive group of people who want to help them.  We empower individuals to recognize their own value and worth that they contribute as the wonderful and unique individual that they are. We use a better-together approach so victims of bullying know they are part of a loving, supportive, and uplifting community.


Make sure you check out the Current at Past Projects section on our website to see us in action!

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