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Meet Alex

Hi!  My name is Alex and I am a young man who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a traumatic brain injury, and other challenges which all make me a part of who I am, but do not define who I am. All of that is just one small part of me!


I love creating art, whether that is drawing, music, or working with wood. Family means a lot to me, especially my mom, grandma, and brother.  My mom is my best friend and has helped me advocate for myself as well as support me while I work on anti-bullying initiatives.


From a young age, I needed extra help with my academics, which includes one on one help and small group work.  This means that my disabilities have been extremely visual to my peers ever since I started school. This led to people not accepting for who I am, or even understanding that there is a lot to learn about me that doesn't have anything to do with my disabilities.


I was bullied both emotionally and physically in school, which just kept making me feel more alone and hurt. I felt like I suffered in silence. All of the bullying finally took its toll on me and contributed to an unsuccessful suicide attempt. Thankfully, I am still here and spreading my message of acceptance for all people.


I know my story may seem a little gloomy, but it has given me the chance to grow and discover that I am passionate about helping others who may be struggling with feeling heard and accepted.


I understand firsthand how it feels to be bullied and ridiculed by others. This is why I have created the Saving Grace Foundation that serves as a place of hope for victims of bullying.  I believe that as a foundation, we can work together to provide activities, outings, and a peer to peer community for those who may need a new and safe beginning in life. Along with the Saving Grace Foundation, I also speak to youth at schools, after school programs, and community events.

I believe that no matter our differences, we are all loved, special, and important. No child should feel alone and like there’s no way out. We can all stand together to support each other and celebrate what makes each of us unique.

I hope you will take the time to explore my website and really get to know me as well as my initiative.  Let’s all stand together so no one ever feels like they don’t belong!



Check out some of my art!

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